Story of IKOU Portable Chair (Product Development)

IKOU is an inclusive brand that caters to families with children of all developmental needs, giving them the confidence to experience things together as much as anyone else.

  • Expanding what children can experience together with their families.
  • Empowering children to confidently enjoy their time outdoors.
  • Enriching the time children spend with their caregivers.
  • Creating more opportunities for children and their parents to interact naturally despite their unique needs and circumstances


These are the changes we design for.

Yuri Matsumoto - Founder of IKOU

Yuri Matsumoto

After graduating from university in 2007, Yuri joined Toyota Motor’s headquarters as product manager, leading product planning for global strategic vehicles such as the Corolla, as well as corporate pricing strategy. The experience at Toyota made her realize craftsmanship has the power to change people’s lives for the better.
In 2016, Yuri left Toyota after giving birth to her first son, who was diagnosed with motor dysfunction due to cerebral palsy. While devoting herself to the care and rehabilitation of him, Yuri noticed inadequacies in the social welfare system, which is based on the premise that “people with disabilities should be protected.” She also experienced first-hand the challenging environment faced by children with disabilities and their families. It inspired her to establish Haru Ltd. in 2020 and launched the inclusive brand, IKOU, in spring 2022.

How IKOU aims to build an inclusive world

Children grow by doing: taking their first steps, learning to sit properly, putting on clothes, using a spoon. 

However, sometimes children with different physical abilities take longer to acquire these skills or experience them differently.

For parents or caregivers of these children, understanding how to best enable learning or sharing experiences with them is a patient process of trial and error.

For us, that’s our design challenge: to be a brand that learns from how different families grow, learn, and thrive as a result of their unique circumstances, and sharing that valuable wisdom with any family.

Children overcome a lot as they mature, one baby step at a time, no matter their developmental differences. 

IKOU will encourage all families to be able to take a step forward with confidence and inspire each other.