About IKOU Portable Chair

You can buy it at the IKOU online store. See the Product Purchase page.

Please use 7 months of age as a guide for the start of use. (The chair cannot be used by infants 6 months old or younger.) It can be used until the child reaches a height of 97 cm and a weight of 16 kg (about 36 months of age).

To use the chair with a child who is older than 7 months but who cannot sit upright by herself, adjust the length of the body belt and the lap belt and fasten them to stabilize the child’s sitting posture, and be sure to use the tilt mechanism. Use of the table (an accessory that is sold separately) is also effective for stabilizing the upper body. For children who are not yet able to fully hold their heads upright, the depth of the headrest of the IKOU Portable Chair may not provide sufficient support. Please use the product in accordance with the condition of your child’s body.

Perpendicular (no tilt): this can only be used by children who can hold their own heads up straight and can sit upright by themselves. It is suited to mealtime and play and other active situations.
Using the 3-level tilt mechanism: reducing the angle relaxes the child’s posture. Please use the angle that suits your child’s condition and the purpose of use.
The three tilt angles are about 7 degrees, 13.5 degrees and 20 degrees.
Children who are unable to hold up their own heads or sit upright by themselves will need to use a tilt setting. Set the chair to the appropriate angle by observing your child to see that he is not experiencing pain or discomfort, whether his pelvis is upright and stable, and that his body is not excessively tensed.
*Please closely read the instruction manual and use the chair in line with your child’s age and physical condition.

Rather than judging by time, please decide by closely observing your child to see whether she is sitting happily and isn’t in pain, and that her posture hasn’t slumped. Even if your child appears content, maintaining the same posture for a long time is hard on the body, so please avoid it.
A guide to how long to use the chair in one sitting is the length of time that it takes to finish a meal.

It can be used either on the floor, or on an adult-use chair.
In either case, be sure to use it on a flat surface and to extend the levers that prevent the chair from toppling over.
When using the product on an adult-use chair, it must be one that has a back so that the two belts that prevent the Portable Chair from falling can be secured.

No. The product is not equipped to be used as a car child seat. Never use the Portable Chair in that way.

The IKOU Portable Chair was developed as a kids chair with the basic function of maintaining the child’s sitting position, not as an assistive device, so it does not qualify for the system.

If the product breaks or malfunctions even though it has been used appropriately and in accordance with the instruction manual, after-sales support will be provided for free within the warranty period.
Regarding products that have been resold or transferred (such as via a flea market app or internet auction), irrespective of whether it is an initial defect, please understand that we are unable to offer free repair work.

About IKOU Bib

Please put it in a laundry net when you wash it. Please avoid putting it in a tumble dryer because friction makes it easy for fluffing and pilling to occur.

It varies according to a child’s build, activity and the amount of drool, so please decide based on the size of the child’s neck and the length of the fabric.

Currently, it is not available at bricks-and-mortar stores. We display our products at exhibitions and other events on an irregular basis, so please check our engagements in the NEWS section.

About Shipping

Please also refer to the Shopping Guide page.

Products will be shipped within 5 business days after payment is confirmed. We will notify customers on our website if shipping is delayed due to the year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays, etc.

We do not accept designations for delivery date and time.

When placing your order, please write in the remarks column, “Request delivery to a home delivery box.”

No, we do not offer gift wrapping.

Although we are currently working to enable overseas deliveries, at the moment we are only delivering within Japan. When preparations for overseas deliveries are in place, we will announce it on the website.

About Return policy

Please also refer to the Return Policy page.

Based on the nature of products defined as those that children will directly touch, from the perspective of hygiene, we do not return or exchange products based on a customer’s convenience. Please understand this before making a purchase.

In the case of a defective product or an erroneous delivery, we will promptly accept return or exchange of the product. Please contact us via this contact form within 7 days of the product’s arrival (including the day of arrival).
As we are unable to accept requests for the return or exchange of a product after the above deadline, once the product arrives, be sure to confirm that it has no faults and that there is no mistake in the content of the order.

In the case of a defective product or mistaken delivery, we will bear the return shipping costs. Accordingly, please return the product to our company with shipping costs to be borne by the Company.

About orders


For members:
You can check the status on the order summary screen after logging into your account page.


For customers who have placed orders without registering as a member:
Orders can be confirmed only via the “order confirmation email” or the “shipping confirmation email” that is sent automatically after an order is placed.


After your order is placed, we automatically send an email that confirms the content of your order.
If this email does not arrive, it may be because there is an error in the email address that has been registered, so please contact us via the inquiry form.

The message may not arrive if you are using domain specification for incoming emails. Please alter the setting to allow messages from @ikoudesign.com.

Members can confirm the content of their orders via their account pages.

If shipping arrangements have not been completed, the order can be canceled. If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible via the inquiry form.
Please understand that if shipping arrangements have already begun, we are not able to cancel the order.