Industrial Designers, IDEO

Chris Pearce, Kenta Kondo, Florian Gerlach, Andrea Pavan

You could argue that a designer’s highest obligation in this world is to improve the lives of others. So, when the opportunity came to work with Yuri-san and Halu Inc., it instantly ignited a passion within us designers.
Halu’s mission is overwhelmingly positive and pure of heart – to create a more inclusive world for all children, their families and caregivers. To have a chance to contribute to such a mission has been a complete privilege for all of us – it is truly a designer’s dream to be able to offer their skills towards such a positive impact.
We are all so excited to see the To-Go Chair’s real-world impact, and have no doubt that the Halu team’s determination will see further high-impact products realized in the future. We truly believe that Halu’s inclusive approach to children’s products will set a new benchmark for the industry, and inspire other companies to have a broader impact than ever before.
Congratulations Yuri-san and the team at Haru, and thank you for the opportunity to work together!

Story of IKOU Portable Chair (Product Development)