Shinya Kotera - KINTO Co., Ltd.

Shinya Kotera

KINTO Co., Ltd.

I heard from my former staff member Yuri Matsumoto that she was planning to start a social enterprise. Through the IKOU brand, she wants to create a world where children and their families can expand their range of activities, feel more positive, and spend more quality time with their loved ones. I shared the same vision with her.

Our company’s vision is “to bring excitement to each individual through mobility.” We aim to enrich people’s lives through various mobility services. By working together with IKOU’s, we could support the mobility of more people and enrich their lives.

With IKOU products, travel becomes feasible for all kinds of people – that is the kind of manufacturing that we look forward to. We hope that more and more products will be made available with features that address each person’s needs, attractive design and at an affordable price.

Story of IKOU Portable Chair (Product Development)