Yuichi Nagata

SET Managing Director
Mold-Tech Japan Co., Ltd.

As times change, it is natural that people’s preferences, their way of thinking and way of understanding also change. In manufacturing, too, people seek products that fit with the times.

That’s why when a friend told me about the work that IKOU is doing, We immediately decided to help. As a specialist manufacturer of resin surface decoration for 46 years, we have delivered various products for the Japan and overseas markets. And as our company concept is to “breathe life into products,” We were sure that we could help in some way.

We want to support the creation of inclusive brands and designs, because they meet today’s needs perfectly. We want to utilize the knowhow that we have accumulated over 46 years in the manufacturing of inclusive products. With that in mind, we have helped in every way we can.

We hope the IKOU brand continues to create products that are functional,stylish and exciting. We look forward to seeing inclusive products that go beyond the norm, and will continue to assist IKOU in whatever way we can.

Story of IKOU Portable Chair (Product Development)