Yutaka Torigoe

Torigoe Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

I first met Halu founder Yuri Matsumoto via an introduction from Toray Carbon Magic President Akiyoshi Oku. I was deeply impressed when I heard from Yuri that the business objective of IKOU is to “contribute to the realization of an inclusive society through design that originates from the experience of children who are physically challenged.”

Our company designs, develops and manufactures mainly resin parts for automobiles, as well as lifestyle products and beauty equipment. It was the first time for us to be involved in the development of a product such as the IKOU Portable Chair, but considering the technical prowess of our engineers and with the support of Toray Carbon Magic, we were confident that we could accomplish it. Also, our company’s 2030 vision is “to create and shape products that help the environment and society, and that bring joy to people,” we didn’t hesitate to help.

It is a prerequisite to manufacture optimally, but in order to develop this business, we need to build a system that allows us to respond quickly to market needs, and share with every stakeholder who we aim to bring joy to with our products. We look forward to growing together to achieve our business objectives, and seeing IKOU being a brand in which society and local communities continue to look for inspirations.

Story of IKOU Portable Chair (Product Development)